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caitlin metz – collage

I need to hold this in my hands, and flip those hand-made pages, and peek under the delicate layers of tissue. Sigh. This is a collage about gender – in the form of a tiny paper book – and it is the work of American artist Caitlin Metz. That suit jacket. That corset....

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alexis hagestad – photography

Ok, I’m suddenly in the mood to go thrift shopping… or maybe I’ll just move in with these people! All of these images are from a series, titled “The Heart of Longing”, by American photographer Alexis Hagestad. She just graduated this past spring from Savannah College...

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GIF of the Day: Soliman Lopez

This GIF from Soliman Lopez is part of project investigating  Joseph Kosuth’s 1965 piece “One and Three Chairs.” Kosuth represented the chair as a manufactured object, a photograph, and the printed dictionary definition of “chair”.  The then-groundbreaking conceptual...

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Geometry-Inspired Light Design

Gobo‘s creations are wonders of technic. Nicolas Brevers the founder is passionated about geometry and the lights he creates are the very aesthetic translation of mathematical and physical proprieties. The search for equilibrium is central of the designer’s...

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Graffiti Hair Technicolor

Using stencils of various forms it has itself ended up designing, the designer Janine Ker performs hair color of great originality. After choosing the shape of the patterns, she pulverizes the colors directly on the hair. As a result, our hair feature geometric...

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